Mary Shapiro

Mary Shapiro is a teacher of guitar, music theory, songwriting and performance. Her expertise includes one-on-one motivational instruction designed to meet individuals' goals. For over twenty years, Mary has helped her students learn the basics of guitar (chords, chord progressions, notes, harmonies, song structure, rhythm and collaboration) with joy and confidence. Mary has a passion for creating personalized learning experiences - beyond the traditional "music book" approach that build both self esteem and technical competence.  

Mary is a songwriter. Using her own experience and study with award winning songwriters (Carrie Newcomer, Paul Reisler, Dr. Ysaye Barnwell), Mary helps her students express themselves through songwriting.  

Mary is a performer. Mary’s first CD, Celebrate (2006) was inspired by the 25th anniversary of Little Friends for Peace. This live recording was created, produced, directed and performed by Mary with a dozen child superstars singing their hearts out! Her second CD, The Time Is Now (2010) is a collection of Mary’s original songs. Mary has performed at hundreds of venues (from schools to sacred spaces, conventions to concert halls) and has emceed over 500 shows.  

Live Producer: From 2002 - 2012 Mary produced Sounds of Hope, a weekly benefit concert series in Washington, DC. Her events attracted over 1,500 musicians, 10,000 guests and raised over $100,000 for local charities. She currently produces monthly shows for the Stillwaters Foundation (Marshall, VA) whose mission is “building community and creating peace through music.”  

Mary has a B.A. in Liberal Studies (Magna Cum Laude) from the College of St. Benedict (with international studies and an internship at the MN Zoo) and a B.S. in Education (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Minnesota (including elementary school licensure and graduate work).


Mary Shapiro has a powerful gift to
transform any gathering into something sacred – 
blending songs of peace with 
joy and laughter to give you the taste that 
'another world is possible'.  

---Jean Stoken, policy director for Pax Christi USA 


Mary Shapiro inspires,
touches, and beckons us to
join in the song! 
---Carrie Newcomer, Grammy Award winner 


Every time I listen to Mary I am astounded by 
how much of herself her songs manage to carry.  
When a song is finished, 
I am happy to say that our
souls have truly shared a moment. 

---Tom Goss, singer/songwriter, recording artist